Dear summer diary 2017…day 15-17

Mike and the girl headed into work at 7am while the boy and I had breakfast, patio coffee and packed up the trailer. We got an acrobatic show from Archie the cat while we had breakfast outside. 

We headed home just after breakfast to do laundry and repack our clothes and the truck so we could head to Toronto once Mike was done work. He was installing security cameras for a friend over the next few days. D&K were going for to be gone quite a bit while we were there. They had a BBQ at a friends place Saturday night so they were gone by the time we got there. 

Mike dropped us off at he house then he and the boy had to head to Lowes to pick up a few more supplies. The girl and I relaxed on the couch with books

On Sunday, K took the kids and into Chapters to pick out a book for the drive home and some lunch while Mike and D worked on installing the cameras.  

After we got back, D introduced the kids to The Dukes of Hazzard. They were instantly hooked! 

 We spent the afternoon watching a few episodes and going for walks around the neighbourhood. 

D&K had a concert that night so we were on our own again. 

Mike had to go to one of our work suppliers first thing Monday morning to pick up a replacement part for a defective camera piece. The kids and I walked to a park close by and played on everything! 

Once everything was up and working, we were headed home. First stop was the country style on airport road so we could watch some planes landing. Very cool! Then a few shopping stops and we were on our way home. It was pretty much bedtime for the kids by time we got home…


Dear summer diary 2017…day 12-14

No reception means no pots for a few days! The kids were raring to go back to the trailer Wednesday morning so after a quick trip to the grocery store, we picked up my mom and headed out to Fairbank lake. Deb was having work friends come out for the afternoon so we stayed out of her way by hiding out in the trailer. 

We spent the next two days going for walks, playing games, swimming, fishing, cooking, and having fun. 

Mike commuted back and forth to work. 
My dad showed up at 10:30 on Friday night to tell us my nephew was in the hospital and being flown to sick kids in the morning. The phones have been out at the lake since July 2nd so he the only way to tell us was to drive out. (Ryan seems to be ok now…tests and he’ll likely be home Sunday or Monday). 

We’ll be heading home in the morning for a quick trip to t.o. 

Dear summer diary 2017…day 11

I am so so so hungry as I start writing this. Ultrasound is at 9:30 and I’m supposed to fast for three hours. I’m wishing I’d gotten up at 6 to eat something but sleep was more appealing at the time…32oz of water later, my mom dropped me off at the hospital entrance and within 20 minutes, my ultrasound was done. I could pee and eat!! 

My mom, the girl and I went to Gloria’s restaurant for breakfast then picked up some groceries before heading home. 

The girl and I had the rest of the day to ourselves as Mike brought the boy to a work road trip to Sault Ste. Marie to cut & program auto keys. 

We started with pedicures on each other,

Then shopping at our favourite place (Chapters!), picked up drinks at Starbucks 

then headed to Bell Park to walk and cool off our feet at the beach. 

A lazy supper then we decided to watch a movie while we waited for our boys to come home. 

Dear summer diary 2017…day 9-10

Apparently Sunday morning at 8am is the perfect time for my neighbor to cut their lawn…that’s why we woke up to this morning. Patio coffee and a round of Minecraft before breakfast. Most of the day was spent cleaning, organizing and filling up the back of my truck for a dump run. We did go out to get groceries and wash Mikes car. 

Our friend Rob (aka Ribbet Rob because of a game he had to play with our kids when they were really little) stopped for for awhile before he headed back to Toronto. He’d told his wife he’d be on his way home by 2 but he ended up staying at our place till 4:30…

BBQ supper then a walk and hill rolling at the park down the street. 

After the kids went to bed, Mike and I sat outside and worked on work stuff on the patio. I don’t think Mocha wanted to come in…

The boy serenaded us Monday morning till it was time for my kidney specialist appointment. 

We picked up Mike then all headed to the hospital. Home for lunch then the kids and I packed up a snack and headed to the DJ Hancock memorial park. Awesome place! It’s the first time I’d been there. 

We picked up Mike again after work to do our dump run then came home for supper. Mike and the boy worked on changing the leather on an old bicycle seat. 

Kiddies were in bed by 9 and we got caught up on Fear The Walking Dead. 

Dear summer diary 2017…day 8

Home sweet home…well, for some of the day.  My day started with a big ass cup of coffee delivered to me in bed which is almost as good as patio coffee. 

After a bacon & eggs breakfast, we figured some housework may be required. I know, boring, but they house was looking a little gross even though no one had really been here all week. After some tidying, yard work and garage organizing, it was time to go wash the truck which somehow turned into a family event…

Once the truck was shiny & pretty again, we headed to our friends pool party. They have an exchange student from France staying with them so they were having a party for him. 

The kids got in the pool when we got there and stayed in for about 4 hours! 

The adults sat around on the patio, chatting and listening to 8 tracks! Yes, they do still exist! Chantal’s uncle brought his player and boxes of music to go with it! 

After supper, the kids went to the park then back in the pool till the sunset started. 

We headed home around 8:30. I was DD tonight and Mike player DJ in the car so we sang and truck danced our way home. 

Dear summer diary 2017…day 6 & 7

After a yummy breakfast of French toast outside, we packed up and hit the road. I think we were in the truck for ten minutes before we decided that maybe we should just head back to our trailer instead of going home. 38 degrees with the humidity was a little much! So after an ice cream stop in Little Current, we got groceries and coffee in Espanola and took the back roads to Fairbank lake. The first thing we all did wa fall in the lake. My first time in this year and I’m usually part fishin the summer! 

Playing on the swings, board games and books all afternoon. Deb & Tom headed to Festival Boreal while we BBQd burgers. Another sauna & swim (those boys had to wash off the sweat and dirt from their bike ride!) then the kiddies went off to bed. Mike and I stayed up playing SkipBo then had a night cap in the trailer before bed. 

Mike was wide awake at 5 so he headed in to work. The kids and I slept till almost 7:30. I went in to the house for a me-time coffee with Archie the cat and Archie the comic. 

The boy wasn’t feeling great all morning so the girl and in read and played games while he relaxed. Deb made us wraps for lunch then I finally got everyone outside for a walk

And a little gardening. 

We got creative with Shreddies and peanut butter for a snack in the afternoon

Mike came back later in the afternoon with our fishing gear so we spent an hour on the dock with nothing to show for it except one tiny bass. 

We decided during supper that we kinda missed our own beds so we headed home. Unpacking, cleaned up and bed time was early for the kiddies. Another busy day planned for tomorrow…

Dear summer diary 2017…day 5

Today we did the touristy thing on the island. We went to a book sale & market in Kagawong where I ran into an old friend (and his three beautiful kids) that I hadn’t seen in years. Between my mom, the girl and I, we left with 20 books for our summer reading. We had a picnic and the girl had a swim at the beach before heading to Gore Bay for a tasty smoothie at Loco Beanz then up to the bluffs for an amazing view of the marina. 

Off to Mindemoya for a quick visit with family friends at their camp then back to Batmans. We were about to head to the beach then o got a message from Mike for an early pick up. After 38km of bike trails, they were calling it quits. With the heat of the day and the impending rain, my boys and dog were done. Good thing I picked them up cause within 10 minutes, the trail was gated and had no trespassing signs so they wouldn’t have gotten much further anyway. They had an amazing time and Mike got some great pictures!

After my mom and I picked them up, we came back to Batmans for a swim, supper & bonfire. We went back down to the beach to check out the gorgeous sunset!

The kids went to bed at 9:30 and the boy passed out pretty quick after all the riding. 

Mike, my mom and I had bonfire drinks then in bed by midnight. 

Dear summer diary 2017…day 3 & 4 

An uneventful drive then we were home sweet home with two tired kids and one very tired puppy.

We spent the day cleaning, grocery shopping then re-packing for the next adventure. Mike and the boy leave tomorrow for a three day bike-packing trip. They are riding their bikes from Espanola to Little Current along a trail and staying in tent along the way. They even practiced setting up the new tent before they packed it up…

My inlaws came over for supper to celebrate her birthday then showers for both kids and early to bed. Mike and I had a couch date with a drink and Preacher. 

Up bright and early on Tuesday then on the road by 7. After an insanely large breakfast at Roger Rabbits in Espanola (I highly recommend the place – great food and more importantly, great coffee!)

we dropped the boys off at the park near the trail head. 

It felt weird leaving them behind. Really weird. The girl and I kept going till we got to my parents trailer at Batmans campground. We spent the day hiking (so muddy after all the rain)

Swimming (to cold for this momma!) where we met up with friends who let us play with their kayak and floating poop (see pic!)

Supper, then fishing & playing at the park then off to bed. 

Dear summer diary 2017…day 2

Well the fireworks were a bit of a bust for us last night. A few were set off on the little lake but the good ones were on the big lake. We could hear them and they sounded huge! It was another weird weather day. Rain, then sun, then dark clouds and thunder, the sun, then rain…and repeat. All. Day. Long. 

We played board games, cooked (Mike and the boy made protein balls…mmmmm). 

We ate to much, went out on the paddle boards between rain showers, and ate then some more. 

After we digested supper and our food baby stopped kicking, we had a sauna and a swim before the kiddies went to bed somewhat earlier then the last two nights (the boy can go to bed at 8pm or midnight, but he still gets up at 7am). 

Mike and I went back inside to chat with Deb, Tom & my Grama about everything from government to stories about when my Grama was young (she’s 87 going on 30!). Bed by 11 for us with a night cap in the trailer first. 

Dear summer diary 2017…day 1

Wasn’t it just September? I’m sure my kids just had their first day of school…Here we are at the end of June. I blinked and all of a sudden Christmas is done, camping season started and holy crap, I’m 40. (Ok, I’m not concerned about being 40. My brain and heart are still 20 and I’m getting my body back to that age too! Cheekbones! I have visible cheekbones! I didn’t even have those as a teenager!)

Anyway, my daybabies (day care kids) are gone for another summer and I have the summer with my own kids!

We spent last night in our trailer (Lucille – a

1969 Airstream Overlander!) at my aunt & uncles place on Fairbank lake and this morning started off with patio coffee…then kitchen coffee when the rain started. It was a morning of cooking (I made strawberry rhubarb crisp!)

Coffeeing and more new dock building. Lunch happened when it started to pour again but at least it didn’t last long. Naps, board games (I got my butt kicked at Dogopoly) 

and more dock building in the afternoon. 

With the ladder installed on the dock, the kiddies got to try it out before supper. Cold but happy kids!

The rain started up again just after supper…just in time for the Canada day boat parade to start. Lucky for us, 7 boats still went out in the drizzle. One was decorated like a giant beaver!

Sauna & swim before bed then we wair for the fireworks…